This frontend is considered legacy software as of 30.06.2023. Some features may not work as intended. The new frontend is accessible for testing here.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you decide to create this server?

The tldr; is that the official leaderboards led me to do it, it was becoming a stress farm fest instead of a fun game.

Will I be banned on the official servers if I play here?


How do I connect to the server?

This page shows information on how to connect to the server.

Why don't the commands work?

This server is using " % " as a prefix instead of the usual " ! " (also an inside joke).

How are leaderboard overwrites handled?

Leaderboards are overwritten by performance and not score.

Why are leaderboards and accounts accessible only to registered users?

Some people like their privacy. If you are not registered and want to spy on people, you should register. And then you can spy on each other xoxo.

How do I view the Relax/Autopilot leaderboards?

It is pretty easy! Select Relax/Autopilot and refresh the leaderboard by changing to local and global again.

Why doesn't the server have a creative name?

Because It doesn't.

What is the #10,485 meme about and what is the server banner image??

Basically this is an inside joke about the owner quitting the game entirely exactly on that rank because of the map AiAe (they returned to play again after that lmao). The banner is literally that number but in a symbolic font. A fun fact is that this also contributed to this server's creation and the name of the server was supposed to be "the jakatebel practice server" but was changed to this god-like name later.

What kind of personal information does the server store?

Hardware ids, country code, registration details.

Why is the server slow at times?

Why is osu!direct not downloading maps?

Why isn't the server written in C++ like your other projects?

Why python?

Why is Blastix Riots unranked(loved) on mania?

Re-read that question and think about your life choices.

What is Server Rule #6 ?

Do not question anything weird you see or receive as a chat message from the bot.