This frontend is considered legacy software as of 30.06.2023. Some features may not work as intended. The new frontend is accessible for testing here.


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#10,485 is a private osu! server circled (pun intended) around vanilla. It features leaderboards, rankings, multiplayer lobbies, relax pp and some more fancy features! It was created to allow players from all skill ranges to come vent off some steam from the official servers. Built on cutting edge technology, it is here to provide you with the best experience possible.

If you need some help on how to connect or want to learn some stuff about the server you can see everything on the docs listed here.


Features to Fall in Love With:

Free osu!direct

osu!direct is a way to download beatmaps in-game without having to open your browser that is usually paid for on bancho, while free here!

Relax & Autopilot Performance

You like chilling out and just aiming at the circles or like proving that you can hit that stream if you had perfect aim? Well we have just the thing for you: Relax and Autopilot performance + leaderboards!

Custom ranked maps

Ever wanted to play that absurd 10* map with RX and gain 0.4 performance from it? Here you can!

Advanced profile customisation

You get to pick an avatar, background, banner and if you support the server you could also change the entire website's color and have a custom profile badge!

Supreme privacy options!

Like playing in peace without anyone snooping on you constantly? You can switch your privacy options in settings!

Multiplayer Lobbies

We support all multiplayer gamemodes! (Tag / Co-Op / Team Vs) Our sweetie Kotone can even manage tournaments for you!

Tillerino like commands!

If you miss Tillerino or any other bot that shows performance in-game, our sweet cutie Kotone is here to help you out! Just open an in-game chat with her and give her the map you wish to check

Friendly community

Our community is very friendly (for the most part)! You can join in our discord server and have fun with other players.