This frontend is considered legacy software as of 30.06.2023. Some features may not work as intended. The new frontend is accessible for testing here.



Server Rules

  1. Cheating and any form of hacking are strictly prohibited.
  2. Using custom clients to connect to the server is prohibited.
  3. Sharing/boosting accounts is not allowed, and will be met with a ban.
  4. Exploiting vulnerabilities or the server itself is strictly prohibited and illegal. If you find any, please be responsible and report it to a developer.
  5. Stealing usernames of well-known public figures is strictly forbidden. (If you are a well-known public figure please kindly confirm your identity with the staff, thanks.)
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Chat Rules

  1. Any kind of racism, foul words and swearing are allowed but only if not used with an evil intent or to discriminate an individual.
  2. Spreading malicious software and/or content such as cheats or hacks is forbidden.
  3. Posting NSFW links/images/video/... in public channels is not allowed, please keep it in the PMs and do not send NSFW content to people that are not your friends.
  4. Spamming unicode, lines and weird symbols is not allowed.
  5. Advertising content unrelated to this server is not allowed.
  6. Advertising other private servers is not allowed.